Crowd Command

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Interface Design

A Prospective Application for Tablets

A simple tablet app enabling the staff of even the smallest venues to easily control the music & sound clips for a much improved audio experience.

Designed to help the event flow and keep an elevated energy level by filling dull moments with inspirational, catchy, memorable, invigorating, or peaceful sound clips.

Users will accumulate a library of MP3 songs and audio clips on their device and organize them within the program however they like.  Meta tags and playlists will keep track of how they categorize tracks and the program will manage your past and future event scripts and records.

A website will assist them by reporting on what all willing users are playing and getting a good response to.  Finding new and popular clips will be a community crowd-sourced function.

Events that would benefit from using this program include sporting events, conventions, presentations, weddings, or anywhere a crowd gathers with the possibility of awkward silence.

Crowd Command
Andy Sharp